2010s: Where next?

Parish & People continues to campaign for renewal:
  • Renewal is always about being set free from stereotypes: the congregation, the role of clergy, the nature of episcopal oversight, the evangelistic task, the unity for which Christ prayed etc.

  • Clues to renewal may lie in:

    • Base ecclesial communities (small is beautiful)

    • Rules of Life (a renewed discipleship)

    • 24/7 spirituality

    • A communal ministry

    • A less managerial role for clergy

    • Networks of dispersed communities

    • 360 degree listening

    • Overview, rather than oversight

  • A new and more constructive and coherent relationship needs to be worked out between the different elements in the 'mixed economy'.

  • The expectations of 'Fresh Expressions' need to be thought through more carefully; it should not be assumed that they should over time grow bigger or become more like traditional congregations.

  • Similarly,the role of the congregation needs re-imagining to recognise what the congregation can or cannot achieve in a post-Christendom society.

  • If any aspect of the existing institutions proves too constricting, let it go! Conserve enough to protect a heritage – so that insights from the past are accessible when they become relevant again in the future, but no more! Christ’s Church and God’s Mission will continue – because the enterprise is not ours, but God’s.