The story so far

1949: PARISH AND PEOPLE was founded as a British response to the 'Liturgical Movement' which was influencing many denominations in continental Europe. Leading lights were Fr Gabriel Hebert SSM and Henry de Candole, later Bishop of Knaresborough. The Liturgical Movement brought about a quiet revolution in popularising the parish communion, making The Lord's Service for the Lord's People on the Lord's Day the main worship event in each parish. Henry de Candole pioneered the Parish Communion at St John's Newcastle in December 1927, though he did not claim to be the first.

The well-known broadcaster, Canon Eric James was one of the early Directors of PARISH AND PEOPLE. Its secretary until 1970 was the late John Hammersley. John's autobiographical Every Step of the Way was published by P&P shortly after his death in 2004. This book, together with more of John's Psalms of Life, is available on a dedicated website.

1963: PARISH AND PEOPLE merged with the Keble Conference Group to spearhead movements towards team ministry, synodical government and church unity.

1970: PARISH AND PEOPLE was a lead player in the formation of 'ONE for Christian Renewal'. At the same time a small editorial team, convened until his death by Canon Peter Croft, published leaflets within the Church of England to encourage new thinking and practice in liturgy, collaborative ministry and training.

1978: PARISH AND PEOPLE began publishing SYNEWS, an unofficial daily news-sheet distributed to members of General Synod at their summer sessions in York. The official Church of England archivist made sure she never missed a copy! Publication ceased in 2000.

1988: PARISH AND PEOPLE incorporated ‘Partners’, widening its interests to include publications on evangelism.

1989: PARISH AND PEOPLE began its current association with the National Deaneries Network - itself resulting from an initiative by Peter Croft.