Mission and Ministry in the Local Context

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A Communications Toolkit

2012: The Salisbury Diocesan Communications Team provides this exciting new toolkit to help local churches to communicate effectively with those around them.

A Deanery Development Facilitator

2013: Read Beverley Hollins' account of her experience in this unique five-year appointment in a North Buckinghamshire deanery. Would your deanery benefit from a similar appointment?

As others see us

by Sue Rodd - 2012: A study reveals a huge communications gap between the residents and their churches in a Wiltshire Village. How would your church fare in your local community?

Caring for the Unemployed - what can YOU do?

by Raymond Draper - 2010: The Bishop of Chelmsford's Unemployment Adviser explores the role of local churches in support of those facing unemployment.

Click here for important Background Papers on Unemployment.

 "Choose Life"




  • 2013: This compendium of papers produced by members of the Parish & People editorial team for the final Deanery Resource Unit mailing is presented here as a set of seven files - including cover sheet and introduction.

"Choose Life"     cover      introduction

  1. Kingdom 119: Church 3
    - getting things back into proportion
  2. Renewal from the Outside In
    - a review of our recent experience
  3. Baptised for Ministry in God's World
    - re-affirming the 'laos', Kingdom people
  4. "Feed my Sheep"
    - taking other people's spirituality seriously
  5. Who (or what) do we think we are?
    - a challenge to the Church of England

Church without Price?

by John Cole - 2008: Does a re-discovery of the meaning of God's covenant love give the local Christian community a new relevance in a consumer society that is losing its way?

Communal Ministry

Towards the Ministry of All

by Jimmy Hamilton-Brown - 2011: For too long the Church of England has focused on the accredited ministries of individuals - the ordination of women, collaboration between clergy and lay, etc. Have we missed a deeper truth that ministry is a function of the whole Christian community?

Deaneries and Circuits

by John Cole – 2009: Anglican Deaneries and Methodist Circuits have different roles and often seem to inhabit parallel universes - but they can be partners in mission. This important booklet shows how.

Leadership in the Local Church

2013: Subtitled "The Blessings of Powerlessness", this short paper by John Cole offers a provocative and Biblically-based assessment of the place of leadership when the Church takes seriously the whole-life ministry of the members of the local Christian community.

Also available:

  1. A List of resources - books, quotations etc
  2. Lay Discipleship and Leadership - eight key issues identified by Hilary Ineson in 1999 and still relevant today!

Leadership and Vision

by Jimmy Hamilton-Brown - 2004: An exploration of how the role of parish clergy is changing and must continue to change as lay people are set free to fulfil their baptismal vocation.

Local Preachers and Readers

by John Cole – 2008: Methodist Local Preachers and Anglican Licensed Readers share similar skills, but their roles are subtly different. Yet they can in many ways share their distinctive ministries. This important booklet shows how.

Sharing Local Ministry

by Beren Hartless - 2009: A 21st century vision of the disciplines and shifts of perspective that are needed to enable the whole people of God, ordained or lay, to engage together in God's ministry.

Thirsty for God

by John Cole - 2012: Where do you - and others - find spiritual wells? Examine evidence that challenges our conventional thinking about ministry, mission and congregational life.