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Our Manifesto for Taking Lay Ministry Seriously is already generating debate.

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A warm welcome

Read the latest comments welcoming the Manifesto

Clarifying the message

A four-page manifesto can never say enough. Read how Parish & People respond to questions for clarification

Emerging Issues

A radical manifesto is bound to raise further issues. Read how the debate is making us think harder about other aspects of our Church life

Thinking out of the box

A manifesto is about getting us all to think differently and take appropriate action. Our initial study guide 'Opening a Debate' is only a start. This page opens up a growing range of resources, including memorable quotes, suggestions for background reading, further case studies and ways to open up discussion as well as structured study courses.

Also available:

  1. A List of resources - books, quotations etc
  2. Lay Discipleship and Leadership - eight key issues identified by Hilary Ineson in 1999 and still relevant today!