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Hot Topics are written to provoke discussion. These sheets may be freely reproduced for use in synods, church councils or small groups.

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Can Change be made to last? - AUTUMN 2009: Local Shared Ministry requires a culture shift. Otherwise it will be just a passing fashion. How can lay people set the pace?  

Chinese Christian wisdom! - AUTUMN 2012  As the Church of England struggles to reach a common mind about ordaining women as bishops – and much else! - can we listen to wise words from Chinese Christians?  

Communion or Covenant? - AUTUMN 2011: Is the proposed "Anglican Covenant" really the best way of holding the Anglican Communion together?   

Escaping the Rack? - SPRING 2012   Faithful discipleship involves living a fully rounded life.Is it time for each of us to take stock?  

Two Sorts of Christian? - AUTUMN 2010: As a disciple of Jesus Christ, which of these excites you more? - The truths that the Holy Spirit has already revealed, or the truth into which the Holy Spirit has yet to lead us?  

Women Bishops? - SPRING 2011: How can the Church of England have women as bishops and still maintain 'two integrities'? The issues are complex. Where do you stand?